Construction Cleaning

Home renovations generate dust and dirt in every corner. To get rid of the grit, we provide industrial-strength cleaning services that include all our regular tasks, as well as the removal of small contractor debris, such as nails, staples, and small drywall pieces. When your contractor has left your home in what the industry calls a broom clean state, CleanupXperts applies white glove standards to make your home sparkle again.

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Commercial Cleaning

Our teams are trained for light-duty commercial cleaning, and we can make your workplace sparkle.

We perform these duties every time we clean your office or commercial space:

Remove trash and recycling, Vacuum floors, Scour and sanitize bathrooms, Clean, and sanitize kitchen. We Dust throughout, Wet wipe accessible desktops, and Clean blinds.

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House Cleaning

We will leave your house, kitchen, and bathrooms spotless!

Remove cobwebs from ceilings

Dust blinds, lights, lampshades, ceiling fans, air vents

Dust window sills, lock ledges, knick-knacks, pictures, railings.

Wipe baseboards, doors, cabinets, Polish mirrors

Vacuum furniture wipe leather, Vacuum floor, rugs, Clean and sanitize floor, Remove trash.

Scrub and sanitize showers, shower head, tubs, sinks, counters, toilets

Wipe shower racks and bottles, clean soap dishes
Polish mirrors and faucets

And Much More

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Special Requests

Please feel free to call the office whenever you would like extra services. We will make every effort to accommodate your request on our next visit or as soon as possible. The following optional items can be included with routine cleanings or at your request with a small extra fee.

High dust with extension pole (can reach up to 2 stories)

Dishes (varies by agreement)

Clean oven interior

Clean refrigerator interior

Wash/dry/fold sheets/towels/clothes

Wash patio furniture

House sit for delivery or repair service

Run errands

Walk dogs

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A word from CleanupXperts

Between work, caring for children, going to church, and giving back to the community, it is of no surprise that these individuals have little time to relax – much less clean their homes or offices.  Instead of perfoming the task themselves, many home and business owners have turned to hiring us to meeting their custodial needs. By hiring a maid service, you will not only be able to ensure a tidy, clean enviroment, but may also he able to save time or money!

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